Deeperoots on Why Living Organically Is better for Our Future Generations

Posted by Giselle Turner on


Did you know that over 90% of Americans were shown to have measurable amounts of the chemical in their urine. With wear and washing, polycarbonate plastic breaks down, so some of those long chains break down to the simpler compounds — called monomers — that have estrogenic properties. CDC scientists found BPA in the urine of nearly all of the people tested, which indicates widespread exposure to BPA in the U.S. population. Not only is this happening we have PFAS Chemicals found in almost everything and are only regulated in a few handful of states, California being one. This is why I created my website call so that I can bring together a collective of merchandise that is BPA free or organically made. We need to start to create a wold in which we can envision our future generation living in and be the most healthy they can be with consumer products that we use everyday. Did you know that organic cotton is about growing cotton crops without using fertilizers, pesticides, and other toxic chemicals. With this kind of farming method, cotton trees are not sprayed or treated with any chemical. They only rely on approved organic farming methods.  As a result, organic cotton farming results into a sustainable environment as it helps maintains soil fertility and harvests chemical free cotton.

Organic isn't a new a trend. It's a return to our roots.  


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